A picture-book reads, it tells and he is a volunteer.

Before, it participated in the volunteer activity which reads and tells the children of an elementary school a picture-book.
I constructed the group by several persons and was allowed to work by offering the purport of a picture-book that he would like to read and an elementary school.

According to children's age, he chooses a picture-book, and goes out for a lunch break or time with sufficient convenience of a class in the morning, such as time of study.

It may read alone, and according to the contents of the picture-book, by two persons, it carries out like negotiations and also reads. Voice is changed or, occasionally little production is also added. Children twinkle eyes and hear narration.

Although the child of the touch which is likely to be uninterested was also in inside. It advances at litle by litle and the pace here to the last. Since the interested field also changed with children, with the from which the child who did not get at all is different, it had become a front-row seat at the last time.

When returning, children speak saying "it was interesting" and "come again." It is glad and becomes pleasure "It to read next." It trains so that voice may arrive perfectly to back, and loud voice can be uttered. It makes arrangements with a friend and also devises that better performance should be made. the times of piling up a time and it was decided in caution for himself to have got responsiveness by this activity.

Aging is following Japan rapidly. A baby boomer also rushes into aging. I can think that supporting the elderly people of the future also in care power also economically has unreasonableness. If it becomes advanced age, the persons of dementia will also increase in number rapidly. 40 percent aged 80 and over is dementia. It is not mere forgetfulness by the age from quite before, and slight dementia has also started. In a town, the courtesy car of a day-care service or day care will be seen in large numbers from before for many years. However, in a remote district, there is also which does not have offer of nursing care services very much, either.

There is a salon. A meeting is held several times in the moon, the elderly people of the area are gathered, the health nurse is invited and the person of the welfare commissioner of the area or the officer of a town association is making the opportunity of elderly people's going out by carrying out a healthy check, holding a meal meeting, or singing a song in a community house, a public hall, etc. The opportunity of going out tends to decrease, the acquaintance tends to stop being also in the neighborhood gradually, and elderly people tend to shut themselves up in the house.

An opportunity to shut itselves up in a house and carry out conversation is lost, forgetfulness also progresses, and it comes or physical strength also falls. If it comes to a salon, since there are some persons who know, and conversation also becomes lively and a person in the neighborhood also understands the person's appearance, it will apply to nearby mind from now on. Besides a salon, it is called a dementia cafe, passes by these days in a cafe like a day-care service, and the volunteer person of alumnus medical welfare persons concerned or ordinary persons is opening a thing like the program of a day-care service. nded on the volunteer by an original citizen.

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