New York stock activity is presented.

New York stock activity is presented. It is reported by the New York Stock Exchange of 、 by the end of the holiday on the 2nd and the 3rd that the stock price for the first time in five years and five months updated the high price.

I hear that firm economic recovery was supported because each consumer business performance index in the United States exceeded anticipation, and the stock price was also cut back to the plus area. It seems that the level of a little more than 74 dollars was pressed also for the Dow-Jones average to the highest ever value on a closing price basis. Since the stock market of the result in the case of Japan is a holiday on Saturday and Sunday, the number itself is not reported about a stock price, but it seems that going up by the almost same index will probably be indispensable since Japanese stock value is being interlocked with the New York Stock Exchange in general.

I would like to unite and to expect that the weak-yen trend repelled temporarily is also wiped away. It seems that the market condition in the world reacts to this simultaneously as the sweet political party was prolonged in restraint measures, and it ran to a stock market plunge and also a strong yen by the financial policy in Italy the other day's election just even in Japan. The New York Stock Exchange is that which was also to this result, and the economy of a day and the U.S. wants to imagine it to be that which is rising positively.

Thailand Stockmarket

Thailand popular as a tourist resort. It is charmed by the low price of warm climate or prices, and the person in the world visits Thailand. Such inside and the now hottest thing are not a Thai food or a Thailand style massage, either, and are stocks of Thailand. Many investors are observing the stocks of Thailand. Thailand which has accomplished steady economic growth now. Naturally, the stock market is also active. The first charm of the Thailand market is that a stock price is cheap and a dividend is high.

It is the point that the environment which can be invested even from Japan is also ready. In order to carry out a stock dealing in the Thailand market, it is necessary to open an account to the securities firm of Thailand. An application form is downloaded from the homepage of a securities firm, and entry is performed in English. When receiving money, it can be chosen whether to use a check or to have an account paid, but since it becomes a baht in case of a check, converting into money takes time and effort and time. Payment is wire transfer from a bank in Japan.

That a commission starts should also keep it in mind. Although there are a foreign stock for a natives-oriented local stock and foreigners, etc. in the stocks of Thailand, Recommendation is NDVR. It is a foreign stock without voting rights. Although an ordinary foreign stock is comparatively high-priced compared with a local stock, NDVR(s) are a local stock and a same price. It will be satisfactory, since other allotment to shareholders can be received even if there are no voting rights.

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