The National Pension.

A national pension is a public pension of Japan aiming at performing required grant about old age, an obstacle, and death, and using for the maintenance and improvement in the healthy life of the people. An address is in Japan and it is obligatory to all 20 to 60-year-old people that it joins. Although there are three kinds of pensions, a national pension, a welfare pension, and a mutual aid society pension, when it is called a national pension, it is a system for a self-employed worker, a farmer, a student, etc.中古マンション購入注意点

National pension scheme members are obligated to take the necessary procedure by oneself by paying, and to store about 14,000 yen every month. A duty of subscription to a welfare pension is imposed upon the private sector salaried worker. It is not necessary to make payment by oneself or to take the necessary procedure for the structure deducted from a monthly salary. A government official and a private school school staff join a mutual aid society. Like a welfare pension, it is deducted from a salary and stores.

Although welfare pension member's spouse's pension is also paid from the husband's salary, since it is necessary to pay a pension independently when an income exceeds 1,300,000 yen per year, cautions are required. A whole nation is obligated to join if you become 20 years old. Be sure to join also for old age's stability of a life. Although it is a system which will not become if a pension will be 20 years old and it will come to join, young men stopped joining positively.

It is based on the reason for "even if it talks about previous old age still more, he does not realize right away", and "not understanding how much it can be given." Even if it says to the person who surely just became 20 years old, "A pension will be provided if you become 65 years old", it is difficult to respond to the talk of such the point actually, and I think that there are many people who feel resistance for paying a premium. If it has not continued paying for a long time of 40, it is that which is learned, but it is important to grasp how much he can get a pension.

Although the about 5 times as much amount of money as the paid amount of money was as 支払わ in the time of having had most pension benefits in the past, they are about 1.7 times now which a decrease in the birthrate followed. Since it is provided more mostly than the paid frame, can say that it is a very profitable system, but Considering the case where an unjoined period is long or it has died immediately after subscription, although it is a system profitable to all people, it does not become precocious, but he becomes 20 years old and it joins immediately, and when it lives long, since a pension is paid until it dies, it can be said that it is very profitable insurance. Although pension benefits are changed and will be considered to be く by the increase in a decrease in the birthrate or non-members from now on, 60,000 yen is provided for one month at the present time.

Only for 60,000 yen, since maintenance of a life is difficult, other funds are needed, but 60,000 yen is very precious money for the person aged 65 and over retired and it became impossible to get a salary. When young, I think that it does not understand, but probably, the kindness is realizable for the first time, when he becomes 65 years old and gains a pension.

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