Attentions gather for the effect which tea has.

Although known for being good for health for many years, these days, the effect to the direction of cosmetics is also expected. Such tea is equipped also with the effect which prevents bad breath. The point of the effect that tea prevents bad breath is catechin. Although it is an ingredient famous for equipping the outstanding antioxidant action, it excels also in the bactericidal action.

Therefore, it prevents various germs breeding in a mouth, and prevents the cause of bad breath. This bactericidal effect is utilizable by various methods. Although it can drink ordinarily, of course and can also use for a measure, there is also the method of gargling with tea. But so the inside of a mouth is sterilized and odor eliminating is brought about. A fixed effect is expectable after a meal also only by rinsing the inside of a mouth with tea. It is a recommendation as the method of the prevention of mouth odor easily made in a place where one has gone.

Although there are various kinds also in tea, green tea is recommended at the measure the content of catechin preventing many bad breath from most. However, fluoride is contained in tea. When cavity medical treatment is undergone at a dentist, there must also be many people who have fluoride applied. The fluoride contained in this tea can also be used for prevention of tooth decay. A cavity is the cause of the hidden bad breath. And it is also a problem which a man of today has in many cases. Probably, those who want to carry out by uniting prevention of tooth decay are good to also add tea to a candidate. The herb tea in which caffeine is not contained in others is also a recommendation. How about setting such tea by liking or the purpose and utilizing?

The first point of prevention of mouth odor is changing the inside of a mouth into a clean state. About 80% of the causes of bad breath are called what is depended on breeding of the bacteria in a mouth, and it is important to keep clean environment in mind.It is a mouth rinse to like to use for the measure against bad breath in such a mouth.It is also called washout hole liquid and breeding of the anaerobic various germs leading to bad breath can be prevented by rinsing the inside of a mouth using this.

The substance in which these various germs remained in the mouth and which eats, and lends, or breeds a dental plaque etc. as a bait, and becomes the stinking one origin in that process is produced. Although activity is barred with saliva from the first as for these anaerobic various germs, since there are few amounts of secretion of saliva and they fall into the state of a dry mouth easily, a man of today tends to activate activity. A mouth rinse supports work of saliva and there is an effect which controls work of anaerobic various germs in a mouth. It is use before that it is especially a recommendation going to bed.

Although toothbrushing before sleeping is often said to be important, it is because the amount of secretion of it of saliva decreases during sleeping and various germs and cavity-causing bacteria work easily. Then, a mouth rinse is used before sleeping and the inside of a mouth is changed into a clean state. If it carries out in combination with toothbrushing, a higher effect will be able to expect. A sword bean extract, the extract extracted from tea leaves, a licorice extract, etc. are the ingredients currently used with the commercial mouth rinse. Probably, it is good to choose the thing suitable for liking of one from such choices. Since a possibility that anaerobic various germs are working actively is size while sleeping, those whom the bad breath at the time of rising worries need to be utilizing as a measure against the prevention of mouth odor which supports toothbrushing.

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