About the rise of the latest stock price.

If it says that it is rising by the latest news, whatever it may call it, it will be the rise of a stock price. It seems that energy has been regained for economy although it is little-by-little since it had hung low since the Great East Japan Earthquake. Since the investors in the world try to earn a profit margin from a motion of the stock, and the direction which repeats which went up or fell always checks or invests though it will be severe that a Japanese stock continues going up from now on, I consider that it is a merit larger to move greatly vigorously, a stock always going up or falling.

Since movement toward rise and fall of the stock price of India, China, and a newly emerging country called Brazil was intense as to which it is until now, the investment out of the world surely tended to concentrate there. I think that attractive goods (a stock, a lied, etc.) which stop at the eyes of the investors in the world too are required in order to make Japanese economy bright.

There is also a country which has profited also in the country which does not almost have resources compared with Japan, making well full use of equity investment, or trade and the tourist industry, etc. It seems that Japan still has little equity investment of the man in the street compared with the West.

It is thought that money sense is what is mastered according to the environment of people's house. For example, the person of having two incomes of parents feels that there are many people who use carefully to various things. If you associate with a rich person with many incomes, money sense may be called catastrophe by the expenses excessive to here ] which are too different and cannot follow the talk. Since I am chronic disease 持ち and I cannot work for a long time, I can work only for a short time. For the reason, a husband's income is main, but he is doing his best in savings so that it may not waste anyhow.

The form where the thing for which saving and reexamination of a housekeeping book are also likely to read a saving book and the makeshift book of a household economy, and are likely to be possible first is performed is taken. There is also a saving way which does not become precocious although made also to saving anything and which is not made. A bath gets in by two persons in order not to carry out additional-boil-of-rice operation. The water of a bath is wash.

Since juice is alkaline at the time of rice It puts into a washtub, and attaches, places, carries out and puts in tableware. Tableware washing is summarized after supper and carried out at once. Of course, tower washing and the cold day of winter should carry out the glove for tableware. The gas bill is cut without using hot water. Water service cost of half the sum decreased only by it. And it says [ cutting electricity positively, if you think that electricity is not used, either ]. It is keeping in mind. The favor or fuel and light prices were able to store within for 10,000 yen by two-person life. What was thought that efforts are required. Money is simple to use.

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