There is software called Pixia. In my case, although it is originally a soft thing equipped with the function as a paint program, it uses at the time of photograph processing of this software. When you think that he will process the photograph for blog printing, it is the downloaded free software.

Although painting out of a photograph,lettering, and composition of the photograph were in the mainstream, having wanted to do by photograph processing can do all these work, if it is this software. although the portion of the face surely needed to be smeared away since it was violation of manners that publishes the picture by which the individual face went into the blog this software if painting out can be simply done by a favorite color, and lettering to a photograph can also be performed by how many kind thing line and a color in a similar way. Of course, lettering of the printing type text instead of handwriting can also be performed by easy operation. Vertical writing and lateral writing can also be chosen.

A clipping of a photograph and properonlinedegree are also very easy. Since composition etc. are merely performed, or it becomes and capacity increases, I consider that it is better to make capacity small using resizing software etc. As for all the processed photographs, if the folder which puts in the processing picture only for Pixia is made, being stored by the folder is also convenient. PageOne is a free blue sky library viewer. A blue sky library viewer refers to the soft thing for reading the work in which the copyright distributed at a site called a blue sky library went out. Although such software has many on a network, there are few things corresponding to Unicode unexpectedly.

The text created on the memo pad of Windows will also be garbled shortly after Chinese people's name, the newly-written work sentence of Chinese writing, etc. display what has character style only at Unicode. If it is the point PageOne, since it is displayed mostly, it is saved except a very maniac character. Since I attach a kana to my text in blue sky library form, do character in the style of a paperback and read in vertical writing in many cases, I find it useful. I think that it is a tool individually very useful for those who write a historical novel. Of course, it is excellent also as a blue sky library viewer. A blue sky library is directly accessed from on PageOne, and a novel can be read. Since it is free software, it can install freely and is software of good.

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