A musical role.

What kind of role has music played in everyday life? Various music to the music which is liked itself and listened to from the music heard casually usually is flowing around us. For those who make music the hobby, it is as it can be called "No Music No Life", and probably, it has played its role like definite aim in life. Then, why is music definite aim in life for those whose music is a hobby?

It is considered to be the body which gives the psychogenesis. I hear that its feeling can be made to rise and fall if it says more simply. Although the Nishino kana and a female artist called miwa are popular these days, they think that the reason for being popular is there. If the words of their music are read, I will consider that they are contents which can sympathize for the woman who listens to the music in many cases. Moreover, it will be because it is charmed by the music tone and musicality which arise just because that music called a classic and jazz without words is liked does not have words and is impressed in many cases. Since it thinks that it is a thing without for man to experience such psychogenesis, don't people have making music into definite aim in life?

I also think that music is wonderful. It has gone so that it is not counted by Eric Clapton's concert, but it is really wonderful. A blues concert in particular was a highly complete concert to the extent that it was faultless. The base of his music is the blues. Therefore, a superb performance will be carried out if the blues are made to do. Although it was unplugged, and the Grammy Award was won and it had become famous suddenly, Derek & the Dominos etc. were made from yard Byrds through cream from the first, and the excellent piece of music "Leila" was then produced. I like the electric Layla more nearly original than acoustic Layla individually.

Although it became the Drac poisoning early in the 1970s and the retirement theory flowed, a comeback was made by the 461 ocean boulevard in 1974. Since then, music has been taken out constantly and the concert is held. It is famous also for a Japanophile, and he likes especially a sport combative of Japan, and it is often in Japan. It finishes of the best 3 which held the concert at the martial art hall second.

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