The Internet indispensable to a life.

I use the Internet every day. The Internet is very convenient to look for the recipe of cooking. If it searches by paying ingredients on hand, the recipe using it will be displayed. It can use without making the thing in a refrigerator useless, and is very economical.

A child's kindergarten and the situation of an elementary school are also understood on the Internet. If each site is accessed, a child's life is exhibited with the photograph. Since it is worrisome how it separates from parents usually and is living, it is very kind. Net shopping is also found useful. Since the place in which I live has few stores, a thing needed is arranged by net shopping. It is convenient that I also have you deliver to a house. The Internet is used also for pocket-money earnings. Points exchangeable for cash at a point site can be collected, or the point can be got if shopping is carried out via a site.

The affiliate was carried out, and although it is a few, I have received cash. Now, the life which does not use the Internet cannot be considered. I would continue liking to use conveniently from now on. Since it came to have carried out recipe search on the Internet, worrying about a daily menu decreased.

The recipe site which I am often using is Cookpad. If it is Cookpad, it hits on the menu which is made only from putting in and searching the foods name left in the refrigerator this evening. It can search from one foods or the combination of some foods. It is self-taught until now and can relearn the dish which was being cooked from 1. There is also fun in work where itself only the number of the persons who wrote for one dish has a recipe, and is likely to suit from the inside and which selects the recipe which seems to be delicious.

If it worries about recipe selection and the comment from the person who cooked the recipe to reference, a recipe with many reports to attach, and a recipe with high evaluation will be chosen, there is little failure. Moreover, many rare recipes which cannot be eaten unless local culinary specialties etc. go to the ground are also contributed, and it is very helpful when building the dish of land which is not known for the first time. Thanks to Cookpad, cooking became pleasant.

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