It considered at the repair expense of Metropolitan Expressway.

The news about the repair expense of Metropolitan Expressway was seen, and I got to know that about about 900 billion money is needed, and thought that immense money was needed. Since it still said that money was shortly applied to repair of Metropolitan Expressway while the restoration activities of the great earthquake were not progressing, either, however there might be money, I thought that it was insufficient. I think that a tax increases rapidly after this for the reason.

Who received the damage by the great earthquake would like you to revive as soon as possible -- since it came out and quite many people also used sushi and Metropolitan Expressway, I thought if early repair will be completed at least one day so that a defect etc. may occur and an accident etc. may not happen. Although I had also used Metropolitan Expressway repeatedly, when often seen, touch which the portion which superannuation is following has was carried out. This heavy snow also overlapped and it turned out that repair of Metropolitan Expresswa is requyired.

Collagen is protein indispensable to people. Collagen which attracts attention if effective for a joint or skin. Collagen is a kind of the protein which constitutes the tissue of the bodies, such as a bone of an animal, a cartilage, the skin, a tendon and muscles. Collagen connects cells or is performing the work which maintains bodily moisture. About 30% of all the protein of man is occupied, and the important bodily function is borne. Since 90% of bones are [ 85% of tendons ] made of collagen, if it runs short, a bad condition will happen to the bodies, such as osteoporosis and an arthritic pain. Furthermore, that Hari of the skin and elasticity are lost or the gum which lacks a nail becomes thin is also condition that collagen is insufficient. Since collagen is protein, many protein for the food of a subject, such as meat and a fish, is contained.

However, by the raw state, since it is hard to take in collagen, it is necessary to get it with a stew dish etc. chicken wing of a chicken, a cartilage, the skin of a hen, pig's feet, and a fish, etc. are lifted by the food which contains especially collagen in large numbers. However, since a supplement, a drink, etc. which can take in collagen efficiently these days are put on the market by each maker, recommendation also uses there. If it begins to think that Hari of skin declined recently, let's supply collagen well, using a supplement and a drink wisely. The skin which surely has gloss and Hari revives. Collagen is carrying out the important work called connecting cells. Built-in in the living body and cell are firmly tied up by collagen. It is serving to connect calcium similarly, and collagen is indispensable in order to keep a bone strong. Aging follows the human body after that with a peak of his twenties.

If collagen also exceeds his twenties, it will become that it is little by little hard to be compounded, and collagen will decrease with aging. although speaking of the shortage of collagen it is related to Hari of skin, or gloss so that a decline of skin occurs immediately other than this being also alike it has many influences which shortage of collagen has on the inside of the body. When collagen runs short, what a joint becomes painful to in many cases is one of them. This is because collagen forms the cartilage for keeping bones from colliding directly and has played the role of the cushion. Moreover, it is said that the shortage of collagen raises the risk of arteriosclerosis. Since a blood vessel is also formed by collagen and is, if collagen runs short, elasticity will be lost and damage, like blood pressure becomes unstable is done. Thus, collagen is an indispensable ingredient because of health maintenance. Let's compensate well with a supplement, a drink, etc.

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