It is saliva that holds the key of prevention of mouth odor.

Since it is said that the great portion of cause of bad breath is in breeding of the various germs in a mouth, it becomes the greatest theme how saliva with a bactericidal action can protect activity of various germs. Therefore, it becomes the most fundamental prevention of mouth odor to increase the amount of secretion of saliva as much as possible. Bite well first as a method of increasing saliva, and eat. Although what is eaten has changed, a man's of today number of times of biting compared with an old person is decreasing.

By a certain data, it is told to the Yayoi period that it was biting no less than 4000 times with one meal. The average number of times in one meal of a man of today of biting is 600 times. If the number of times of digestion becomes fewer, the amount of secretion of the part saliva will decrease. Keep in mind to as often as possible bite and to eat in the case of a meal. Moreover, it is likely to be necessary to eat only soft things but to eat being conscious of that chewy. Moreover, there is also the method of increasing saliva intentionally. But an easy method is gum. Secretion of saliva can be stimulated by biting repeatedly.

Probably, masking effect is also expectable if it is the gum of the mint taste. With a cavity, special attention is merely required. And practical use of sea tangle or a pickled plum is also a recommendation. Since especially sea tangle has few tastes, it is utilizable for many people. There is also the method of stimulating one more and salivary glands. The place of the outline of a jaw, and the bone of a jaw on either side and the boundary line of a head has salivary glands. Secretion of saliva will be activated, if that is pushed lightly and stimulated with a finger. Probably, it understands, since saliva will ooze in a mouth shortly after actually trying. It must also be useful for prevention of mouth odor to sometimes stimulate and to urge saliva.

Aren't there many people who worry if bad breath is not cured although brushed teeth firmly every day? Such a person may not have enough toothbrushing. It seems to polish perfectly, dirt remains in fact, and it has become a situation where the various germs which bring about bad breath work easily. The brush between teeth wants to carry out a recommendation as the method of compensating such insufficient toothbrushing. Dental floss etc. are the items for removing the dirt between teeth. Aren't there many people who have seen selling at the toothbrush counter of a drugstore? In fact, the cause of bad breath lurks between teeth in many cases.

There may be toothbrushing and a person that doubts with whether dirt accumulates between a tooth and a tooth which do not enter well. However, it is said only by the usual toothbrushing that it is about a little less than 70 percent of dental plaques in whole a mouth removable. The brush between teeth has an important meaning as a method for removing the remaining 30 percent. Let's actually use the brush between teeth. so various that he is surprised it should be caught although eaten and lent. Moreover, bad breath may drift immediately after using the brush between teeth.

The stinking one origin is got blocked in the crevice only only. Aren't those by whom the effect of prevention of mouth odor is not acquired easily good to improve the environment of toothbrushing anew with the brush between teeth? Cost does not start so much, either but it could carry out easily, since what is needed hundreds of can be purchased for several 100 yen if it is dental floss.

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