Since it has become, it is very convenient.

A cash advance and it say the loan of a small sum which a financial institution etc. perform to an individual. A cash dispenser can perform use of a cash advance. When using a cash advance, and applying, it is necessary to decide a credit line etc. first. If the limit of use is decided, borrowing and payment can be performed at any time using a cash dispenser.

Moreover, the cash advance can also perform use by ATM. In the case of use, it can use using a card. Moreover, it can be said that a cash advance is a loan with the free purpose of use. In order to use a cash advance, it begins from proposing on an automatic contract machine, a shop front, a telephone and mailing, the Internet, etc. Although use wants to carry out a cash advance, an application with an automatic contract machine is recommended at those who want to avoid meeting with a person in charge.

A cash advance can be used, if the application of a cash advance is completed, and examination is performed and it can pass in examination. Moreover, the annual interest of the cash advance is defined law and the maximum has become 20%. About an interest rate, since it changes with companies which use, checking in advance exactly is important. In order to use a cash advance, after proposing, examination of a cash advance is undergone, and it is the examination.

A cash advance cannot be used if it does not pass. Examination of a cash advance will compare personal information, such as an applicant's certificate and face, and an address, by examination of a cash advance first, if it is said what kind of thing is done. furthermore examination of a cash advance the It investigates that it is in a guarantor whether it has the ability paid to an applicant etc.

There is examination at the window of meeting of a cash advance, and, these days, also perform examination using a telephone or the Internet. Since it has become, it is very convenient. Moreover, by examination of a cash advance, it is a debt history of an applicant's past, etc. Moreover, once there is nonpayment in the case of use of a credit card etc., the credit line in a cash advance will be affected, or it will be examination of a cash advance depending on the degree. It also seems that not passing comes out.

Moreover, since it cannot borrow by ordinary consumer loan, it is loan-sharking. Also when money is borrowed from other, in order that the history may remain exactly, they are financial institutions, such as a bank. Influence may come out in the case of use. Use histories, such as an ATM card, are about for seven years.

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