In order to prevent AGA and to grow up hair, eating habits influence not a little.

Although a "hair growth salon" and "a hair restorer and a hair-growth agent" occur in the measure against AGA, there is what should be rubbed and improved from it. It is a lifestyle. If irregular states, such as sleep, a meal, drinking, smoking, movement, and stress, continue, it will have bad influences, such as an onset of a lifestyle-related disease. Since the hair of hair is also a part of body, the influence comes out not a little. I think whether the measure against AGA is good to start with reexamination of a lifestyle first. Even if it uses a good shampoo, a hair restorer, etc., if the lifestyle is irregular, it is not good for the hair of hair, and the body after all. In the talk, the specialist has also said that a lifestyle is very important.

First, it is important to keep in mind prohibition of smoking and moderate movement which carry out the meal which refrained from "the hair growth method of minus which removes the bad cause to the hair of hair", for example, reservation of sleeping hours, and overeating and overdrinking, and was ready, stress relief, etc. And it is not late even if it performs the "hair growth method of plus" for performing a good thing to the hair of hair. In order to prevent AGA and to grow up hair, eating habits influence not a little. Also when not only hair but a life expectancy, average height, etc. make a living, eating habits have influenced greatly. It is important first to eat three per day exactly. As contents of the meal, if possible, vegetables are get and it tries to take in many "protein" used as the basis of hair, such as a fish and legumes. It is a prohibited thing that using two per day, the meat which makes the sebum of a scalp secrete too much, the fat contained in deep-fried dishes, a sweet thing, etc., and sugar get too much.

If the between-meal snack is moderate, it is OK. I think whether it is also in the more difficult one to get three per day regularly at work etc. In such a case, probably, it is also good to use a supplement. Moreover, since "soy milk" and "soybean flour" contain many protein, it is also effective to take in to a meal well. . Doing one's best too much, it becomes stress and there is a possibility of promoting AGA.

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