Theory of education.

The suicide problem of the boy student of the club of the sports-oriented type in the high school in Osaka is calling the ripple. Although it can also be said to be the usual thing of a problem of this sort that various facts become clear in a bit in drops, it seems that corporal punishment will tell education after all whether it is useless in required one. When I am looking at the surroundings, a report, etc, it seems to be the opinion that there seem to be many opinions of opinion a person with comparatively high age corporal punishment necessity in a certain grade, and the young generation of corporal punishment is hopeless absolutely. Although it seems that it has become that corporal punishment is law useless, it could be said that judgment of where is corporal punishment is too difficult. It may be thought that it is not a thing to the extent that it is called corporal punishment for a certain person for those who are also the corporal punishment which cannot be borne.

Then, if there is also physical corporal punishment, it cannot but become quite ambiguous drawing from where, such as mental corporal punishment and corporal punishment of language, they are. Although a thing to also be corresponded quick is known, isn't the argument which it had thoroughly required for this? Recently, the corporal punishment in part activity was revealed and even the suicide came out in the municipal high school in Osaka. Although I myself was doing the extracurricular activities of a gymnastics system as a student, there were honesty and some corporal punishment. However, it was limited to when not having given not corporal punishment but the reply in the victory and defeat of a match or a technical problem and teamwork may be disturbed. the extension which it was the corporal punishment which seems to be unavoidable even if the side struck was also struck, and was scolded rather than having called it corporal punishment as it was caught. It thinks that one affair in the high school in this Osaka is corporal punishment clearly, and is hard to allow the violence of the name called corporal punishment only in the position of an adviser to have been allowed as one parents. Since it seemed to be the very excellent adviser, surely it learned in many cases. However, corporal punishment is carried out blindly, and I think what also as man rather than being as an adviser to make it understand by violence. It just waits for the day when it will be investigated strictly from now on on, and the regret of the child who passed away is dispelled.

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