In order to enjoy digital data


As for carrying out a procedure being animation distribution site cannot be reproduced by Mac, or variously required when the music downloaded at the music distribution site copies to other personal computers, DRM is related. They are specific software and the technical thing that copyright will be protected as it cannot reproduce that it is only hard, in DRM about the data to distribute.

It being renewable only with specific software is that stress starts those who listen to music with PC usually, or are looking at the animation, and it also happens to have been troubled, DVD borrowed in case of an old DVD player being unreproducible.

I think that there are not few people who consider [ that it is only troublesome and ] for those who generally use. However, it is also a fact that even the common person has invaded copyright more often to inside free from not knowing by the spread of the Internet. Even if it says so, a user has much present DRM and has a portion which has forced it the burden not a little.

Since I think that many directions which have not heard this language are also, I would like to explain, although it is these days by which even music, a picture, and also a book are being digitized. When it says at a word, it is the technology which can protect the copyright of the contents which exist as digital data.

By preventing from reproducing contents only by specific software and hardware, the duplicate and reuse of contents are made difficult. It becomes possible to prevent illegal exchange and distribution of the work which increased in recent years in order that digital data might not have degradation of the quality by a duplicate, and let the file exchange software also used as a social problem.

Such software is the targets of a punishment although it seems that the software something which avoids DMR also exists.

Conversion software with a sufficient sound was introduced


Recently, free software called Exact Audio Copy was introduced into taking in of CD. Although it was ordinarily busy before using the media player, it introduced thinking that there is no great difference because sound heard some on the personal computer, seeing reputation that it is good.If it actually uses, the tag data of a music name, an artist, etc.

Will not come out frequent correctly so that a database may be slightly weak. Although it tries to correct it on software, since the tag of the data which could not correct well and was made using another free software is rewritten, it is slightly troublesome.

Although mind that recognizing in my environment is slightly difficult for although it is important music data is also carried out, I am feeling that it became spiritual slightly good. I think that I retake it in for the time being, and will upgrade the environment of sound before long since there was much what has a low rate in the data taken in well a long time ago.

Conversion software with a sufficient sound was introduced


These days is good and it is seeing WEB comics.Although seldom expected by the WEB comics which can be seen for free at first, an interesting work which is not amusing even if it is serialized by somewhere, if it actually looks at can be encountered.These days, there are also comics by which animation is carried out.I think that it is in being no charge as to what is attractive whatever it may call it too.

Although it is no charge therefore, various comics can be read, and it can read in comfort.If comics with early series speed also especially with interesting contents are found, joy also has an uncanny thing. reading various comics as a charm of WEB comics otherwise every day what it is since the work may be updated, it may be said that he can enjoy himself every day.

How about reading freely once, since WEB comics are no charge?When a favorite work is able to be found, joy has quite a thing.

Conversion software with a sufficient sound was introduced


Sony announces PS4 last month. It is a thing that Microsoft also puts a next-generation machine on the market by the end of this year. Nintendo also put WiiU on the market last year and three companies of next-generation machines are sold to an end of the year this year. He is also trying to follow the game industry to the next stage.

However, an old situation and game industry have also changed considerably. He is home Hurd by rise of a social game. The form where it plays with a smart phone and potentialbooksbook in comfort has been established. About WIIU, it will be forced remarkable hard-fight from the sales in January. In North America, it is depression below in hard half of PS3. It is driven even into the situation where it is already forced reinforcement and strategic reexamination. If President Iwata cannot attain a desired value in the settlement of accounts in the current fiscal year, either and the responsibility is taken Although it is a strong decision and is busy, a secret plan to the extent that the present situation is changed completely, I cannot think being hidden.

From the bluntness of the measure to a third party's WiiU There is likely to be even touch which sinks as it is. Since strengthening of performance is carried out to sale, Sony and Microsoft are fixed success. Although it wishes, charm to the extent that the layer which flowed into the social game is regained It is likely to become a key whether it is. a result will take out at the end of the year when Hurd of three companies comes out and gathers do you come out and can't overlook from now on?

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